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ARK: Survival Evolved Offers Free DLC “The Center”

ARK - The Center

On May 17th, Studio Wildcard released the first official DLC, “The Center”, for their primeval open-world survival game, ARK: Survival Evolved. The Center was originally created by its sole developer, Ben Burkart, as an entry into a mod creation contest hosted by Studio Wildcard, which included a $63,000 prize pool.

The DLC is downloadable for free by all players, and boasts an impressive approximately 35 sq. kilometers of geography to explore. This increase in the size of the landscape nearly doubles what currently exists in the standard game! In addition, some of the other features in the DLC include lava biomes, new end-game bosses, and much more.

ARK - The Center Land

Among the incredible contents of the DLC, perhaps the most impressive detail about The Center is how it was created. The world was entirely hand-crafted by Burkart, and therefore, did not rely on any auto-generation techniques or software. The resulting product is a graphically astounding world containing deadly and unique creatures to overcome. The official trailer below does a great job of highlighting this aspect:

For anyone that wishes to witness the gorgeous views themselves, and also tame their own army of prehistoric dinosaurs, Studio Wildcard has you covered. The base game may currently be purchased for 33% off on Steam, resulting in a price-tag of $20.09 or your region equivalent, until May 24th. For more information about ARK: Survival Evolved and its new DLC, visit its official Steam page here.

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