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Arizona Sunshine Heads to PS VR with New Gameplay Video

VR games are working hard to deliver fun and unique experiences that prove why VR is going to be the next great phase in video games. One of the most successful VR games ever is Arizona Sunshine, the zombie FPS and survival title where you must traverse the great state of Arizona to get to a colony of survivors. The problem is that there’s a lot of distance between you and zombies are everywhere. The game as stated was a hit on PC, but now, it’s heading towards PS VR, and we now have a release date.

Arizona Sunshine is set for release¬†on June 27th on PS VR, and will make use of the aim controller to help you guide your weapons as you try and shoot zombies. Many believe that the aim controller will actually make the VR title even better, especially when you consider that the upgrade will allow an all-new game mode where players will have to wield weapons with both hands, upping the difficulty significantly. To show off what’s coming for the PS VR version, a new gameplay video was released.

The PS VR version of Arizona Sunshine will retain everything that made the original game great, including having over 25 weapons (not including the special modes weapons) to use as you try and survive the zombie hordes. It also brings back the full campaign mode where you’ll either do the story all at once, or do it in “chunks,” as the game was made to accompany both styles.

And of course, there’s a large southwestern US world to explore. You’ll see the beauty (and horror) of Arizona through the wonder of VR. Explore everything around you as you try and get supplies and find traces of civilization.

So, are you ready to survive the hottest zombie apocalypse ever?

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