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ArcheAge’s Golden Trees Event Discussed

ArcheAge players, are you ready to harvest some fruits? The latest event will allow you to raise your very own Golden Trees, so make sure you grab this opportunity while it’s still here, as the Golden Trees event lasts until 2:00 AM UTC May 2 (May 1, 7:00 PM PDT). Players have a good amount of time to harvest a lot of fruit, so let’s get into the event’s details down below.


To get started with this event, you need to visit the Mirage Isle and look for the Branch Manager. You can pick up one Golden Aura Sapling every day, which can be planted either on private or on public land. Just remember that you can’t plant these saplings in public farms. Also, if you decide to plant it on public land, anyone can uproot the sapling, but only the owner has the ability to pick fruits from it.

Only characters that are level 50 or higher can use the Golden Tree Fruit. It will take the tree ten minutes to grow a Golden Fruit once it has been planted, then another ten minutes once you pick it, and finally the third fruit requires you to wait twenty minutes before it matures. The fruit will cost you 50 labor to open, but it’s definitely worth it as you can get Lunarite, Bound Weapon, Armor, or Accessory Regrade Scrolls, and if nothing, you will get a Worker’s Compensation potion that gives you fifty labor back for your efforts.

Players that manage to harvest all three fruits in one day will get an extra reward, and that is the Golden Petal. You can exchange these petals on the Mirage Isle next to the Branch Manager for packages. Five petals can be exchanged for a package that contains a Golden Aura Pot housing item and a Golden Apple, or a package that gives you a Golden Aura Flowerbed housing item and a Golden Apple. If you manage to collect fourteen petals, you can exchange them for a package that contains two Golden Aura Pots, one Golden Aura Flowerbed, and two Golden Apples. The pot and the flowerbed are amazing decorations that you can use to pretty up your home, while the Golden Apple gives you the option of 500 Labor, 500 Honor, or 500 Vocation.

Make sure you take full advantage of this event and farm your fruits daily, and stay tuned for more ArcheAge news!


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