According to a recent Reddit post, the Archeage APEX Dupe has made a return, with the infamous exploit bringing the game into further recent disrepute. It has yet to be confirmed whether the exploit is in fact present in the game once more, following an emergency patch from Trion Worlds earlier yesterday.

For those of you who might be unfamiliar, the ArcheAge Dupe exploit would allow you to use an Apex, and keep another one on your account. To cut a long story short, the result was a duplicate hack of Apex items, and there’s an unconfirmed possibility that it may have made a return to ArcheAge, as stated on the official ArcheAge Reddit thread.

In an Imgur post, a user named Prancer declared that players have successfully duplicated potentially billions of credits and converted them into items. Yellow, blue and green regrades and others are said to be among the list of items that have been duplicated, of which will be sat in accounts and potentially used to create high-end gear.

The user managed to screenshot their comment and post it to Imgur, with the assumption that the post would inevitably be taken down. It’s worth noting at this time, it is unconfirmed as to whether the dupe has returned.

Image: Prancer via Reddit

This could deal another possible blow to the ArcheAge community, who have been suffering lengthy queue times since the 3.0 update was implemented, though it has since been reported that the symptoms have eased for some players. Have you noticed signs of the Apex Dupe issue? Let us know in the comments section below.




  1. This is confirmed. There are people known in game that have openly broadcasted that the dupe exists and already proved it before quitting the game due to the ultimate failure of this launch. Trion is frantically closing any and all threads regarding this. The maintenance was to fix the issue (if it ever did, I am not sure). What Trion isnt responding to is the fact that they keep reducing the queue limits and removed the grace period for people who have disconnected from their servers. The servers are lagging like crazy and causing many players to experience frequent freezing during game play. In every case that I have seen, anyone who gets disconnected gets to sit for 1-3 hours in queue while praying that the authentication servers dont fail and cause the user to get a gray screen which made their wait pointless and thus puts them back to the end of the line. I have been playing games like this since I was just a kid running around EQ,Lineage, DAOC and so on…. I can honestly say that I have never seen such utter disregard for a player base that came to support the game.


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