So in grand games like MMORPGs, you need to use the world and its inhabitants to its fullest, else, it’s not a fully functional and breathing world. It’s just full of placeholders. But also, you need to use this to reward your players when possible. This seems to be the inspiration behind ArcheAge’s newest reward event.

To the team at Trion Worlds, this is all about an old Daru adage, “You have to spend Gilda Starry-Stars to make Gilda Starry-Stars,” Or to translate to pure human, you got to spend money to make money. However, for the team behind ArcheAge, they want to put their own twist on things by substituting money for labor.

Staring on January 11th, and going on until January 23rd (at the appropriate time zones of course), you’ll have the chance to spend some labor in order to get some in return. For every 30 minutes, the Divine Clock will offer you the time-turning Khrolan’s Rune. What does the Rune do? Well, if you use it, the rune will restore 300 labor to you. However, once you get it, you have to use it in the first 24 hours it’s in your possession. Else, it’s gone. To use the Rune to its fullest, you can get it 30 minutes, up to 3 times per day until the event ends.

It’ll be up to you to use this “gift” to its max, but if you’re a smart player, you’ll see the potential in getting more work done in less time, which in an MMO, can be an invaluable experience, no?


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