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ArcheAge Details Downtime To Upload New Patch

When it comes to getting new patches or new content for games, sometimes it can take a while to upload it to the game itself. It’s a natural part of gaming in some ways. For larger games like MMORPGs, these uploads can take a bit longer, as usually there’s a whole bunch of additions or tweaks that they want to take time and ensure everything installed right. For ArcheAge, they’re installing Patch 3.5 in their servers right now, and are said to be down for 5 hours on the European Servers.

While fans aren’t exactly happy about the downtime, there is a lot coming to ArcheAge through this patch.¬†First up is what ArcheAge is calling “Successor Levels,” which are meant to be an extension of leveling up. For now, instead of trying to reach the next maximum level, you’re going to try and get the next Successor Level. Now, you’ll have to do certain things to reach the next of the 7 levels, but if you do, you’ll be rewarded. Also, to compensate for these new levels, they’ve adjusted how much experience it takes to get from 50-55, so be ready for that.

One of the biggest additions by far for Patch 3.5 is that there will be two new regions in the game for you to play in. Furthermore, the team is introducing new bosses and new mobs of monsters to fight against. They make it very clear that these are not simple re-skins of previous ones. Speaking of bosses, ArcheAge has also adjusted when you can see bosses arrive, and there’s a slew of time changes. So don’t forget to check the full list to see when they’ll arrive.

There’s also been tax changes, weapons changes, crafting changes, and more. Check out the entire Patch Notes to see exactly what else is being done in Patch 3.5.

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