ArcheAge have posted a state of the game thread over on their official forums, which has since been updated. The game has come under scrutiny as of late due to a catalog of server issues and a returning hack rearing its ugly head once more.

Following a series of load tests a couple of days ago on both Reckoning and Vengeance, developers have stated that they will continue to hold settings used on both servers following the success of these tests. Reckoning and Vengeance are now able to run at the same capacity levels as Prophecy, after software changes appeared to have held up well.

The team have been working hard on other fixes, including disconnections and black screens being reduced using preventative measures. Both character Name Change services are Character Transfer are also being looked at. Compensation gifts are also on offer, which should be available to players within 48 hours, and are encouraged to contact the customer service team if they haven’t received it within this time.

The update for the post states that European players should be able to take on dungeons without problems of enemies not spawning, following communication with the development team at XLGAMES. The region restart for Europe is scheduled to take place sometime tomorrow morning.

Another recent patch the fix the Prophecy (EU) server crashing has been cleared, which appeared a couple of hours after the first update was posted regarding the issue with enemies not spawning. We will bring further updates regarding ArcheAge as soon as we receive them.


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