Bugs are a natural part of the video game process. They often help improve gameplay by revealing what the problems are, so that they can be fixed promptly, and potentially  never seen again.

This goes on not just during the development process of the title itself, but after the title is released and given to gamers, as patches are just as much a part of the process as everything else. Especially nowadays where a fix can be sent over the internet and downloaded without much thought or care in most instances. However, when more and more bugs arrive, people take notice, and as they continue to pop in, frustration does set it. This is likely what is happening for all Archeage players right now.

Early this morning the NA version of Archeage had a major error/bug. One that prevented prevented players from getting past the Server Select Screen, and thus not being able to get into the game. Even going to Twitter to ensure players knew about it, and weren’t taken aback when they may have stumbled across this.


However, the team went right to work on it, and it appeared to be fixed…until players went to try it out, where they encountered another problem as the server still failed to load. The patch apparently caused a glitch that still wouldn’t allow progress. However again, the team went to work on it, and even posted a different forum thread to show players how to fix it.

This is but the two latest big bugs to plague Archage, and as the comments on both the forums and the Twitter feed reveal, players aren’t happy that these bugs keep popping it. Hopefully Trion Worlds will be able to get a more functional build soon.


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