ArcheAge Brings Back Vintage Costumes

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by Kova

aa-og-img After the outstanding “Battle” patch that came, Trion Worlds doesn’t stop to amaze us with their decisions.

They’ve released some great vintage costumes in ArcheAge to make their fans all over the world extremely happy. If you had some special type of costume you wanted to grab for yourself but you missed the opportunity to do that, rejoice! There are a ton of unique lockboxes available in the marketplace and they will be there until June 3rd. Furthermore, all lockboxes are updated to include the newest iterations of items available, therefore, you don’t need to fear of missing your favorite extra drops like Red and Superior Red Regrade Charms.

The full list of lockbox costumes is:

  • Mirrorshine Racing Kit
  • Classic Racing Kit
  • Flashy Racing Kit
  • Battlescarred Chest
  • Chimera Agent’s Stash
  • Fun in the Sun Giftbox
  • Wavewyrm Treasure Chest
  • Golden Harvest Crate
  • Devilish Chest
  • Hallowtide Costume Giftbox
  • Winter Maiden’s Gift
  • Service Staff’s Gift Box
  • Sailor’s Strongbox
  • Eastern Legacy Chest
  • Yata Pirate’s Treasure Chest
  • Geared Gaslamp Crate530702

If there is anything that you like, feel free to visit the marketplace and purchase it. For each costume, the price is the same, 420 credits with no exceptions. In our honest opinion, this is a good bargain and we’ll definitely pick a few of them for ourselves.

Do you have some special costume you want to get for yourself? Let us know in the comments!

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