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ArcheAge Begins Evolution Server Process

One of the main reasons that MMORPGs work the way they do is that they allow for many people to play from all over the world via servers. But, maintaining those servers is hard work. It takes time, finessing, and the ability to discern when a server isn’t doing well enough to keep it going. Many MMORPGs go through the closing of servers, it’s the team’s job though to let players know when, where, how, and why. For ArcheAge, they’re going through that right now, but they’re calling it an “evolution”.

Basically, a lot of servers are being merged, or “evolved” into new ones. As such, players can’t transfer to certain servers until the process is done. However, from August 16th-30th, players can do transfers for 1-credit. It should be noted that not all servers are going to be affected by this, there are the Legacy servers that will run through this process and will allow new players. These servers include Aranzeb, Kyrios, and Kraken in North America and Shatigon and Eanna in Europe. This will also include the “Fresh Start” servers of Reckoning, Vengeance, and Prophecy.

Another warning for ArcheAge players, any server that is going through the Evolution process will not be allowed to have new characters created. You’ll have to wait until the transfer is done.


So, you might be wondering, “What good does this do the players?” Well, it’s complicated, but overall it’ll mean a more bountiful experience. However, if you’re looking for a more tangible reward for this, if you remain on an Evolution server during the process, you’ll eventually get packs based on your status and what you did. These will include items, money, furniture and more.

This process will end, and everything in ArcheAge will go back to normal, just hold on until that happens and you’ll be rewarded.


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