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ArcheAge: Ascension Update 2.9 Arrives

Announcement_HeaderIn this update, we’ll be talking mostly about PvP and Sieges, since these changes have the biggest impact on the game.

As we all know, in ArcheAge there was an open bidding system for guild sieges and that was quite unfair if you think about it. Everyone had the option to see the highest bids which took all the fun from it. It seems that ‘s about to change. Big time. The new bidding system is coming and this time, all bids will be hidden, except your own. When the castle that’s ready for taking appears, you or your guild leader will be able to place your bids at Siege Pedestal, which is located at any faction base. Furthermore, some of the mandatory requirements have been changed. First of all, only top 20 guilds have the right to enter the bidding system and they must consist out of 60 players or more. The second change is that only the guild leader can enter a bid.
If your guild qualifies for the bidding, your guild leader will receive an in-game notification on Wednesday that all bids are now free to be placed. It’s possible to increase your bid later, but it will have additional expenses. Since this is a blind auction, you and your guild won’t have a clue how much others are bidding which is quite fun in our honest opinion.
All bidding and Auction will end at 22:30 GMT (-7 PDT) on Friday and after that the guild leaders who put the highest bids will receive Siege scroll. Note: Siege scroll is tradable and can be privately sold.ArcheAge-Castle-Siege-e1437069223127-980x500

All other guild leaders that didn’t receive the scroll will get their gold back but decreased for the minimum bid amount. The rest of the gold (minimum bid amounts) will be stored in the castle’s Peace Fund and be safe until the siege. All that gold will be going to the guild that wins in the siege.

Now let’s talk about PvP. In this one Trion worlds kept it simple. Arena is receiving new rating system which will link people of the same ranking. When you win you will raise, but when you lose you won’t fall but your ranking will stay unchanged.

For more detailed information check the official site with patch notes.

How do you like these changes? Let us know in the comments!

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