Two fresh servers for ArcheAge 3.0 are experiencing long queues, according to players of the game. The two servers, one in North America and another in Europe, are suffering from such long waits that players are remaining logged in throughout the day to avoid the extended wait should they want to return at a later time.

These fresh servers are only available to those with new accounts, whilst existing players remain on legacy servers. The issues raised with these servers has led to players to request rolling them back, which prompted the following response from senior community manager Celestrata Bloodsong: “Some players have asked if we were looking at possibly rolling back servers. The answer is that we are not pursuing a rollback, as many players have been able to log in to the Fresh Start servers successfully. All three Fresh Start servers have been serving players over their intended capacity, so rolling back that progress does not feel like the right call. We know many of you have been trying to get in through queues and disconnects, and the team is working very hard to address those issues.”

Last week on Friday, December 9th, ArcheAge: Revelation arrived. This new update introduced a bunch of new content to the game, including the troubled fresh servers. It also brought two new races, five new zones, brand new quests and much more. This offered players the opportunity to experience ArcheAge from the perspective of Warborn and Dwarves, as well as  a plethora of gameplay improvements.

Time will tell as to whether the server issues will be quickly resolved. You can keep an eye on the situation over on a State of the Game thread on the official forums.


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