Ambitious Steam Greenlight: Shards Online Sandbox MMORPG

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“Ultima Online meets Neverwinter Nights in this subscription-free online PC game where the community can change all the rules.”


Steam Greenlight strikes again and finds another massively ambitious, massively multiplayer role playing game on Kickstarter.  Shards Online‘s repertoire of features sounds very impressive- it’s one of those large scale projects that try to cater to what the gaming community wants. Citadel Studios is pushing for this game to be greenlit on Steam after a pretty successful campaign on Kickstarter with backers pleding a total of over $100k.


Shards Online can be seen as a traditional MMORPG with the usual tropes: PvP, Dungeons, Factions, Bosses, Crafting, Guilds and Titles. What sets it apart is everything else it has to offer: Player Housing, Skill-based Character Development, Crafting, Animal Taming, Community Servers and Modding. These features are not exactly uncommon, but they are always seen in their own niche games.


Shards Online tries to stuff all these features into a single game like it were Thanksgiving. However, the biggest feature they’ve boasted so far is this being the first game where players will be able to legitimately create and run their own worlds, with their own rules, within the game. These worlds will be run on Citadel Studio’s own server, and all players will be able to join. Playable worlds created and run by fellow players- there’s potential for hundreds of hours of gameplay from this alone. This feature brings the MMO back into MMORPG, whereas other games are beginning to prioritize the lone wolf.

It’s games like this that have me quite worried, yet very excited. Largely ambitious games (especially crowdfunded ones) have the possibility of swallowing itself and its developers whole, leaving backers angry, disappointed and a bit itchy. However, it’s games like this that attempt to push the bar and continue to innovate during a time where creativity and daring have all but dried up.

Help Shards Online get onto Steam and read a LOT more details about the game and its features here.

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