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The Amazing Eternals Gets Founders Program

Video games may feel the same in many ways, but they are an ever-evolving thing. In fact, the process of how they are made has grown exponentially from where it was to where we are now. And we don’t just speak as to the graphical capabilities (which obviously takes a lot more to time to make, animate, and refine) but to the process itself of making video games. For a long time, games were made by the developers alone, and then given to the world. But now, gamers help shape the games, and that’s what’s going to happen with The Amazing Eternals.

How so? Well the team behind the game, Digital Extremes, has announced via press release that they’re doing a “Founders Program”. Which will give certain players a chance to play, test, collaborate with the dev team, and by extension, grow the game from where it is now until it’s ready for release. In return, Digital Extremes will not only grant access to closed betas and other public tests but also provide exclusive gear.

While some may think this is an odd move, this is natural for Digital Extremes, as this is the same thing they did with their other major title, Warframe, which is now a major success.

Now, as for what The Amazing Eternals is, it’s a menagerie of things. Part shooter, part board game, part card deck game, and part journey through the multiverse, this game is anything but ordinary. But, it also makes it very special. You can see the first trailer for it above.

From here, Digital Extremes will move into more closed betas and further test how The Amazing Eternals will play with gamers. After that? Well… we’ll see how it goes. But, Digital Extremes did note that the game will make its first public appearance at PAX West.

Written by GlyphMasterson

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