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Allods Online launched way back in 2011 but it’s still being updated, and this time the new update is huge and it’s called New Order.

One of the big things in the update is the new storyline chapter, where the heroes are going up against the Architects once more. Neither the Leauge nor the Empire is strong enough to defeat them on their own, so they have to team up to protect their world from total annihilation. Awesome trailers are always welcome when new updates arrive.


Another big change is the rework of all the classes. The main goal there is to make every class distinct in both the PVP and the PVE. The stats system has also been changed, as there are 20 new unique stats that are specifically designed for certain situations and class abilities. Every class now has 2 Incarnation and 2 special abilities which can be enchanted with dragon tears. Now if enchanting cool special abilities with tears of a dragon doesn’t sound cool then we don’t know what does.

The last thing to mention is the equipment system. Glyphs and enchantments have been removed from the game, so now the only way to get gear is to get it from defeating your enemies or by crafting it yourself!

If you want to read the full patch notes click here!

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