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Albion Online Weapon Spotlight: The Warbow


Albion Online just released a weapon showcase on YouTube – a short arms lecture by Weapon Master Gordon, who seems to sound like the best blacksmith of the seven seas. It’s a neat little side project that keeps the hype at a steady level and reveals bits and pieces about the world of Albion Online. Plus, it’s actually quite fun to watch and is well put-together.



This showcase features the Warbow. Recommended by professional blacksmiths for your long ranged needs, the Warbow is a weapon used by the agile and the strategic.


ao03Bow users will have access to a set of skills to maneuver, debuff and shoot their way out of sticky situations such as Poison Arrow, a stackable DOT (damage over time), Frost Shot, an AoE skill that slows enemies and makes the archer jump backward, Magic Arrow for stuns and Deadly Shot to make things very dead indeed.

A good bowman knows how to utilize all his skills for different situations. The end of the video has Gordon schooling the masses about tactics, and how to use different skills in tandem to create opportunities and even keep allies safe.

They all complement each other well and using them in combination during battle will make for an efficient kill.

A Warbow in the hands of a practiced archer is deadly to anyone who dares step within range.


Let Weapon Master Gordon give you a lesson on the Warbow, free of charge!


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