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Albion Online Details Black Market Feature

Sometimes, you need to get creative on how you can make your video game unique. But in the process, it can cause holes in gameplay that you need to fill, and you have to be just as creative to make those holes go away. For the MMORPG Albion Online, they had a great idea by making it so players craft every item and weapon in the game. This gives players the ability to truly make what they want, and that’s great, but it also creates a problem for those who like to get items from drops in the world. But what can drop if everything is created by players? Answer: The Black Market.

The Black Market is based on one character, an NPC that can be found in Caerleon. What happens is that you sell your items to him, and then he’ll go around and distribute it to other mobs, other factions, and put the items in chests all over Albion Online. Through this, everyone now has potential access to the items you’ve made.

Now, you can buy certain items from him too, but as this isn’t your typical market, and the price of the item can change greatly. As for drops, when you kill a mob, the game will look into the Black Market and see if something is available. If it is, it’ll drop an item.

The team at Albion Online also understand that other mechanics may cause you to wonder whether you should go to the Black Market. So they made it so lower tier items are always in demand on the Black Market. This means it’s low cost to you to give them to him, and you’ll get the reward from selling it to him. Not to mention that the more you give him, the more item drops appear in the world. Check out the video above for a complete breakdown of the Black Market.


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