Aion’s 5.1 Update Goes Live In Europe

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by Dante

Aion players from Europe are in for a treat as they’re finally getting the 5.1 update and all changes that come along with it!


What’s your goal now? Entering the Tower of Eternit and saving a man that guarded the knowledge of old is your mission now, and the fate of Atreia rests in your hands! Other new features include:

Elemental Transformations
Control the elements and use them against your foes. Harness the power of fire, wind, water, and earth as soon as you reach level 75!

Exciting Instances
For all of you hardcore dungeon lovers, six more instances are available for you to conquer: Garden of Knowledge, Rift of Oblivion, Balaur Marching Route, Kroban Base, Runatorium Ruins and Ashunatal Dredgion.

Crafting for High Daevas
Tired of waiting for good loot to drop? Make your own! Using Magical Crafting and Magical Morph will allow you to make your own powerful equipment for High Daevas as soon as you reach level 66.

Luna System
The addition of the Luna System gives you the ability to store your costume skins, visit special instances and discover some new crafting options!


Limited Stigmas and Arena Tickets are no longer available in the game, so rewards given to the next Veteran levels changed accordingly:


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