Aion: Lost Memories Update 5.0

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by Mustapha R. Price

Fans of the free-to-play title Aion have plenty to look forward to. The game will be receiving its 5.0 update titled Lost Memories before very long, and it will come with many brand new and exciting features. Here is the description from the website.

“The great Cataclysm where Aion’s tower split into countless shards and almost wiped out all of Atreia is now a distant past. But what really happened back then? What role did the High Daevas play in the events? The answers lie deep within your memories, along with a slumbering and yet unknown power…”

Players will be able to utilize four elements to do intense battles. The new “power of creation” will allow players to gain new elemental abilities as well as increasing some of their base stats.

New regions, Nosra and Esterra will become available to explore on this new quest.

Players can also prove their worth in four new instances.

Along with this, facial animations and other new options will be available with this update.

For more information on the Lost Memories update, as well as a new trailer showcasing some of its highlights, you can head to the official website right here!

Remember, it is free to play, so check it out!

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