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Aion Update 5.0 Brings Character Creation Features

If you’re a fan of Aion, you can expect loads of new features in Aion’s Update 5.0 titled “Lost Memories”. We’ll mostly cover the Creation Power system and the changes for character creator, user interface and so on.

Firstly, let’s talk about what happens when you become a High Daeva after the missions at level 65. Then you’ll have the chance to distribute your Creation Points. In the future, you’ll receive Creation Points in addition to getting experience points, so they are two separate things. These points let you improve your primary character attributes, so you will be able to improve your power, health, agility, accuracy, knowledge or will. There’s another option, as you can use them in a new element transformation to learn new skills. Update 5.0 will introduce the first transformation –and more will come at a later date.


The “Lost Memories” update is also bringing many new options in hero creation. We’re also getting reworked facial gesture animations and some new default emotes, all of this will offer you a different gaming experience, a better one hopefully. There are also various changes to the UI, there’s now a new ring menu that will allow you to link items, use them, share them and so on, much easier than before!



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