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Aion: The Nightmare Circus Returns Once Again

The Nightmare Circus returns once again in 2016 to Aion and it’s up to the players to stop Heiramune and his evil schemes!


Players are going to have to stop Heiramune, who captured Yume, the Queen of Faries, to harness her power and invade Atreia. As the heroes in charge, you’re going to have to save Yume before Heiramune succeeds in his plans to use Yume’s ability to make dreams into reality, which will allow him to cross realms and bring forth his Nightmare Circus with him!


In order to save Yume, you will have to be at least level 30, and you also need to bring at least two players with you, but a whole group is preferred. Yume’s faerie friends are going to help you start the Nightmare Circus instance, so look for them in Pandaemonium or Sanctum and talk to them. The Daevas are going to help you and hide your identity, so you’re going to get transformed into a Khum’gom, which is something akin to a bear. You won’t be able to use your regular skills in this form, so you’re going to get five preset skills and one healing spell to help with survivability. If you need to become even stronger, you can transform into a Nightmare Circus Harlequin, which is available via an in-game quest.

To get more detailed information on the event and how to survive it, click here!


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