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Aion: Echoes of Eternity Has Been Announced


The new Aion expansion has been announced! The 5.0 update is on its way and we can’t wait to try it out.

As it seems, NCSoft has prepared for us something completely new. We will be bound on a journey back to the Tower of Eternity where we’ll start to regain lost memories from the Cataclysm and find out the truth that will change everything.

Although, storywise, it’s not too revealing, the upcoming expansion brings wonderful progress changes. For starters, the level cap will increase to level 75 and when you reach it you’ll become so-called Archedaeva. 


There will also be a new instance, Archives of Eternity, which we believe is part of the Tower of Eternity. The Eternity part in the name kind of gives it away.

And last but not least, two completely new zones; Norsvold and Iluma- the areas where time has stopped. These zones are also part of the Tower of Eternity.

We will definitely keep an eye out for more details, so follow us here for the latest information regarding this update and visit the official site!


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