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Afreeca Freecs League of Legends Team Penalized For Intentional Disconnects

As Inven Global reported early this morning, Riot has announced that they will be penalizing League of Legends LCK team Afreeca Freecs, for two intentional disconnects during their recent match against ROX Tigers. The Freecs lost that match 0-2, leaving them down 2 losses in the overall standings after just one day.

LCK Afreeca Freecs

Despite a very mechanically talented roster led in part by their crafty top laner MaRin, Afreeca Freecs have struggled to gain momentum in the 2017 Spring Split. They were dubbed the “Blue Shell” of LCK, for their ability to defeat SK Telecom T1, which they did in week 4, but lose to teams much lower in the standings, like Jin Air Greenwings and BBQ Olivers.

They currently find themselves smack in the middle of the LCK Spring Split, in 6th place, with a record of 7-7. However, with those losses attributed to BBQ, Jin Air, KT Rolster, Longzhu, MVP, ROX, and their second match against SKT, it looks like the penalty, which was announced on the League of Legends Korean portal, has yet to effect the standings.

league of legends
Spirit, perhaps asking Riot, “Seriously?” Image via Leaguepedia

For anyone who may believe the penalty seems harsh for one offense, Riot is considering it technically two offenses. Both Spirit and KurO are charged with the intentional disconnects, which means two cautions adding up to one warning. According to Riot’s terms, that warning results in a set score penalty.

league of legends
Kuro, image via Leaguepedia

According to Inven Global, this penalty has already been used two other times this Spring Split. Longzhu Gaming received two caution penalties for tardiness on submitting their roster, and those also added up to a warning penalty. Samsung Galaxy’s Ruler was hit with two intentional disconnect cautions, in January and in March. The second one added up to a warning, and Samsung received the penalty of one set score loss as well.

This week will be the penultimate week of the LCK Spring Split 2017 regular season, with playoffs coming April 7th.

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