Should AFK Players Not Be Rendered In Final Fantasy XIV?

One of the reasons that many MMORPGs try and solely be on PC is because there are a lot of requirements to be met in order to get the...

One of the reasons that many MMORPGs try and solely be on PC is because there are a lot of requirements to be met in order to get the game to perform on a high level. And for those who can’t afford PCs of a certain quality, it can be a problem when things are sure to bog down your experience. For some Final Fantasy XIV players, they’re wondering if there’s a way to make it so that players who aren’t actively in the game to net get rendered on their screens.

The request comes from Reddit user BigCow200, who notes that if a player is AFK (away from keyboard), they shouldn’t be viewable, as each person that’s there is something the game and computer has to calculate, which can lead to frame rate drops, among other things.

“This should fix the problem with people dropping FPS rapidly in places like Ildyshire otherwise this going to be really problematic when SB drops and the new areas are crowded with new and returning players,” he notes.


It’s not a bad idea, and having that idea in the settings of Final Fantasy XIV would be a boon to some players, as it would allow them to help boost their PC performance while not losing anything important. A lot of other Reddit users were intrigued by the idea, and even noted how games like Blade & Soul and Guild Wars 2 have options like that, or at the very least somewhat similar. Some though were for it, but were unsure if it could happen.

“Would be an interesting option if it could be implemented, but probably very hard to do so,” -Miolay

They are right, as Square Enix would have to make a program to determine what characters are AFK, and that would require them to define AFK in the smallest possible denomination. Would you like to see something like this in Final Fantasy XIV?

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    The system to determine if someone is AFK is already in place. If they are afk, the icon next to their name changes and you can even changed what happens once you change to afk mode, it goes into a cinematic option. This would be a great idea, and honestly should not take to much effort to incorporate since the system already has a set of rules to determine if your afk in place.

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