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AereA Now Available on Consoles

Worldwide publisher SOEDESCO has announced the launch of the highly-anticipated action-RPG AereA on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Releasing earlier this month on Steam, the game hits consoles today in digital format, which will be followed by a retail version on PlayStation 4 on July 18th. Check out the launch trailer below:

The Steam version of the game features a bunch of additional DLC with an original soundtrack and an AereA artbook. The PlayStation 4 version will have a digital Deluxe Edition, which also features the soundtrack as well as avatars and themes.

As for the game itself, AereA presents an action-RPG boasting dungeon crawling elements. Assuming the role of one of Great Maestro Guido’s disciples, players will traverse the broken floating island of Aezir, tasked with finding and returning the nine primordial instruments to restore order to the world. Playing as the likes of Wolff the Harp-Archer, Jacques the Cello-Knight, Jules the Lute-Mage and Claude the Trumpet-Gunner, you’ll have to complete quests, solve puzzles and defeat bosses to unearth the truth, all in beautifully hand-drawn graphics in 4K resolution.

Taking place in the music themed world of AereA, the story follows two students who discover the power of music. Guido and Demetrio’s friendship soon sours once Demetrio discovers the ability to control living beings using the music’s power. The confrontation between the two as a consequence leads to the destruction of the island, as Demetrio flees and leaves Guido to restore balance to the world. Four disciples are chosen to find the missing instruments and return the island to a state of peace once more.

AereA is now available on Steam, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.



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