AdventureQuest 3D Gnome Sweet Gnome

AdventureQuest 3D is, as the Steam description puts it, “the world of AdventureQuest… re-imagined as a 3D, cross-platform, massively multiplayer game.” Released to the public in October of last year, the game is currently in early access, so the devs are constantly updating the game. The latest update news come straight from the AQ3D website and it, as always, is full of jokes and puns.¬†

The post, titled “Gnome Sweet Gnome,” details Artix Entertainment’s plan to completely makeover the town of Battleon. The goal of the makeover is to add some liveliness, usefulness, and increase the performance of the town. According to Artix, “The current version of Battleon is a very near replica of the town from the original game. But it is too open and spread out– resulting in poor performance.”

Adventure Quest 3D battleon revamp

The town of Battleon itself is very important, as it has remained mostly the same since the original AdventureQuest’s release way back in 2002. The version of Battleon in AQ3D is somewhat different of course, since it is indeed in 3D, but the devs stress that the spirit¬†of the place needs to remain the same.

Artix Entertainment is hoping to add quick access to the bank, barbershop, class trainers and weapon shops, and giving Battleon a bit more life with extra NPCs walking about. This all has to be wrapped in ultra smooth optimization, so the developers have their work cut out for them.

In addition to graphical upgrades, the dev team is also working on a few storylines that take place within the town. One storyline will act as a sort of tutorial, bringing a player through the town in its entirety, while the others will be contained within each shop. Player housing is also on the minds of Artix Entertainment, though there is no set date as to when that might be coming.

What do you think about the revamp? Will you be playing AdventureQuest 3D with its new, beautiful Battleon?


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