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AdventureQuest 3D asks: How do you find games?

Kids of today would probably be shocked to know that, not too long ago, we couldn’t actively count on Steam and other online stores to have access to our games in the blink of an eye. Physical copies of PC games–and especially of consoles and handhelds–would fill store shelves and subsequently, ours. With that in mind, Artix von Krieger aka. Adam Bohn, CEO and founder of Artix takes a trip down memory lane and shows us how a physical copy of their MMORPG, AdventureQuest 3D would look like, adding that a cross-platform title would be available in every aisle of a game store.

AdventureQuest 3D

The nostalgia-filled moment doesn’t only make us relate to Artix, but serves to ask an important question: How do you find out about video games these days?

k1ryx_5l“[…] as we get closer to our live launch, we will need to get the word out about AQ3D in the right places […]”

It might seem like a simple question, but as easy as it is to find information on the internet, it’s just as simple to go unnoticed. With so many venues, websites, and services, knowing how to reach your target public can be a delicate subject. As big companies remind us time and time again, not even they are always aware of what the consumer wants,brand7 but the first–and probably right–step is to ask them directly.

“One of my greatest joys was going to the mall, grabbing a coffee and walking around the Game, Book, Video, and Music stores.”

Suppose you don’t know about AdventureQuest 3D, how would you find out about it? You can leave your comment down below, or right on Artix’s doorstep here.

Born and raised in Northeastern Brazil, Gabriel didn’t grow up with video games as many of his colleagues. However, his dedication and love for the industry make up for his late start in the gaming world.

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