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Adventure Quest 3D’s Largest Update Ever

Adventure Quest 3D will be receiving its largest update yet on Tuesday, June 21st. There are many changes and additions, but only the most notable ones will be covered here. Be sure to read until the end for a detailed summary!

Adventure Quest 3D - Biggest Update Ever

A majority of the update pertains to a new dungeon known as the Umbral Caves. The Umbral Caves are located in the Doomwood Graveyard, and will be appropriate for adventurers approximately level 10. The AQ3D team suggests players to be prepared for a difficult challenge.

Adventure Quest 3D - Ixtis Harvester

Within the Umbral Caves is a nation of insect-like monsters known as the Ixtis Harvester. The Ixtis Harvester is composed of a variety of species under the command of a common queen. The monsters of the Ixtis Harvester nation will be the first monsters to have monster skills instead of just basic attacks.

Adventure Quest 3D - Treasure Chest

Fortunate adventurers exploring the Umbral Caves will discover Treasure Chests. Treasure Chests have a random chance of spawning, and contain loot based on the rarity of the chest.

Adventure Quest 3D - Crafting

The update also marks the beginning of the crafting system. Materials used in crafting can be obtained in the Umbral Caves, and by aiding a new NPC, Lidra. Crafting items takes a certain amount of time based on their level, required materials, and other factors. Once micro-currency is introduced into the game, players may use Dragon Gems to instantly complete the crafting process.

Check out the official news post for a comprehensive look at what Adventure Quest 3D’s largest update has to offer. Only one more day to go!

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