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Is Activision To Blame For Destiny 2’s Failures?

To many gamers, there is no greater crime than for a video game to be so hyped up then fall flat at the release. Sadly, this is what is happening with Bungie’s Destiny 2 for some fans. Since launch, and to some even before that, the game has been riddled with problems. There were issues with content, with loot, with the lack of purpose of many things and so on and so forth. Many have pointed out Bungie’s flaws in this game, but some are asking; isn’t it really Activision to blame?

Here’s the story. Bungie used to be a part of Microsoft, and they made their name with the Halo series. But when they left, they signed a deal with Activision to make their Destiny series. In that contract, they agreed to a specific timetable for both the games’ release, the DLC/Expansion releases, and of course, Destiny 2, and it’s there that things get tricky.

While a timetable is a great idea in theory, video game development is incredibly hard to predict. As such, many DLC and expansions for the original Destiny had issues, and had to be pushed back, which of course affected Destiny 2, to the extent that the game had to be delayed. And while we don’t know the specifics of it all, it goes to reason that Activision wanted the game put out sooner rather than later, and thus we got the game we do now.

Destiny 2

So, is Activision to blame for what happened? Yes and no. On one hand, the timetable definitely screwed Bungie over, and players are angry because of it. However, Bungie has plenty of fault in this. By the end of the original games run, they had a good formula going in the eyes of many, and yet, they abandoned much of it for the sequel, boggling the minds of many. Even a majority of Redditors don’t know what exactly happened to cause such a divergence in a sequel.

Either way though, Destiny 2 is going to be a cautionary tale no doubt.

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