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Action Tower Defense Game Hell Warders Arrives On Indiegogo

Crowdfunding has become the way that smaller game studios are able to make, complete, and release their video games. But what you might not know is that there’s more than one major crowdfunding site. Kickstarter is the most popular, but a close second is Indiegogo, where the rules are a little different, but the results can be even more rewarding if done right. That’s where the action tower defense game Hell Warders is going to to try and make their game even better.

Like any good tower defense game, you’ll be put against wave upon wave of enemies with only you and your allies to help you. But this time around, it’s demons and monsters of the underworld that are trying to take over. You are the Hell Warders, a group of ancient heroes who are uniquely equipped to battle this threat. Each Warder has special weapons and abilities that they bring to the battlefield.

Plus, you don’t have to fight alone, as you can team up with up to 3 friends to ensure that the waves of the underworld don’t take another step forward. Additionally, anyone who backs their Indiegogo project will instantly get access to the beta for the game.

With many classes to play as, you may think that you won’t need anymore help. But this is a tower defense game, and you’ll get to build magnificent towers that can cause massive destruction to your enemies.

Oh, and the enemies in Hell Warders are quite terrifying as well as varied. You’ll have to face everything from wyrms to lyches, and more. You’ll need to be strategic not just with your allies and your towers, but with the environment itself. Each map gives you many options for bringing the pain to your enemies. So use everything you have, and push back these demons!

The game is seeking to raise $10,000 in about a month, so if this sounds like something you can get behind, go ahead and pledge to their page.

Written by GlyphMasterson

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