Action RPG Pillars Of History Arrives On Kickstarter

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by GlyphMasterson

Kickstarter has an abundance of titles in its ranks, but what sets it apart is that every single one has a story to tell, and each story will speak to a different person. This goes especially for the video game projects that are on the crowdfunding site. Take for example a new project, Pillars of History. This game is an action RPG, but it is set in a world that is very similar to medieval Europe, adding some real-world history to the mix. And it’s through that history that you’ll advance in the game.

What do we mean by that? Well, Pillars Of History lets players advance through what they call a “lore” system. Basically, you’ll be learning about real medieval history through the game via the quests that you do, the more you learn, the further you can advance.

To aid with this, Pillars of History actually puts you in the middle of history (somewhat) and puts you in contact with many groups of people that actually existed in our world. The Byzantine Empire, the Arabs, the Slavics, and more will be in the game, and it’s up to you to deal with them, in your own way of course.

You are born into this world and feel the compulsion to be a warrior. You must complete quests and get knowledge about the world to satiate your desire. The fun part is that the game allows you to either choose one of four preset characters to be, or, custom make your own character and see where life takes you. Freedom is a big part of this game. This goes especially for the exploration aspect, as Pillars of History gives you a wide world to explore.

The game is seeking $50,000 on Kickstarter, if you think this title will be something you want to play, go out and support them.

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