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Action-Packed June for World of Tanks



June is looking absolutely explosive for World of Tanks fans with content rolling in left, right and center.

This month will be action-packed with discounts, carnage and obviously, TANKS.




  • Tank Buffet 1 and 2 will offer three souped-up Premiums each at a lower rate, including the M56 Scorpion and the Heavy Tank No. VI. Yum.
  • Going head to paw with the Panzer 58 Mutz? I couldn’t bear.
  • The shiny new VK 45.03 is very heavy and very German and is rolling onto the field to destroy everything.
  • IS-3A is back for a limited time but the sky’s the limit for carnage.




  • Soccer plus tanks in a cocktail of glory, leaving behind a trail of destruction on the field- there could be nothing better on a lazy weekend. Show your ball handling skills in Soccer Mode or beast mode it in a Tournament. Faking injuries will not be tolerated.
  • It’s dangerous at the top- winners of the Clan League will be hunted down in battle as prime targets for Gold.
  • The Third Thursday Throwdown will be granting rental access to the Excelsior and the VK 45.03 for those who win with mid-tier and high-tier vehicles respectively.




A quick look at June: Flag Day Emblem Discount, Lover’s Day in Brazel, D-Day Weekend, On Track Events, Military March of Nations with goodies for everybody, including emblems, premiums, tanks and DISCOUNTS.


Take a look at June’s overview in detail on the World of Tanks official website here.


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