Abi Is An Atmospheric Robot Puzzle Platformer

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by Dante

People really like atmospheric puzzle platformers with charming artwork, and if you also like robots, Abi is the game you want to pick up as soon as it gets released!


Abi takes place in a world that was once filled with people. A place full of life, that just became empty all of a sudden. Humanity, as greedy as ever, vanished in their attempt to achieve perfection and immortality. Now the world is only inhabited by the robots that were made to be their servants.


Abi gives you control over two robots. One is called Abi, and he is a tiny robot that’s made to assume an educational role, and DD is the other one, and he’s a huge, slow robot made for industrial work. Together, the two of them will travel through many different environments where they will have to use each other’s abilities to solve any challenges they encounter. As they make their way through these various areas, they will try to uncover what exactly happened to the human race, the ones that created them.


Will they be able to find some clues about the sudden disappearance of their creators? Or will they just wander the empty Earth, exploring the world once full of life?

No release date available for the game at the moment!

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