A Healer For Overwatch’s Next Character?

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by GlyphMasterson

One of the things that makes Overwatch so exciting (and to a degree frustrating) is speculating about what’s coming next. The game just celebrated its 1 year anniversary, and Blizzard has promised new maps and other content. But they also promised a brand new character is on the way. This naturally sent Overwatch fans into a tizzy speculating on who it could be, what they could do, and more. For one player though, he hopes that Blizzard once again doesn’t follow the easiest path and instead creates a character that is something special and unique. Specifically, they want another healer.

This comes from Reddit user intellexstar, who notes that Overwatch could use another special healer. Now he fully admits that there are already four healers in the game (Lucio, Mercy, Ana, Zenyatta) but he believes that they are “stale” and having more options of the kinds of healers only helps make the game better and stronger.

“I hope the new character will be a healer to bring out more interesting options for players who fill the healer role in each team.”

It’s an interesting notion, and with 24 characters in the game, and this next one being the 25th, if he gets his wish that means that 1/5 of the characters in the game are healers. Is that too much? He doesn’t think so.

Overwatch Mercy

Naturally, other Reddit Overwatch players are torn about this. Some are really behind this, and hope that this healer isn’t “morally good” as the others are. Others however note that it likely won’t be a healer for numerous reasons, one of which is the order Blizzard has been releasing new heroes:

“First we got an attack hero, then a healer, then tank … doomfist will be defense then.”

Doomfist is a long-wanted character from Overwatch lore, and it has been hinted that he is next in line for arrival. What do you think? What should the next Overwatch character type be? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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