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    EA Removes Microtransactions from Star Wars Battlefront II, But There’s a Catch

    Star Wars

    When the news dropped that there would be a campaign mode in Star Wars Battlefront II, something that was sincerely missed in the first game, it surrounded the game with much anticipation. This was of course, before the swift kick of reality we pretty much expected with microtransactions from EA.

    And understandably for many fans, this killed much of the hype stone dead. So to hear that EA would be making a U-turn on microtransactions, many ears would’ve pricked up, with the hopes that the company was finally hearing the cries of the gaming community.

    Alas, this no longer appears to be the case. EA has confirmed the removal of crystals, therefore making each gear and Hero earned through progression. However, the publisher has stated that it will be bringing back the ability to purchase crystals at a later date, once changes have been made to the game.

    This seems to contradict a the following tweet which was posted yesterday:

    This could be in retaliation to Wall Street’s response to EA removing microtransactions from the game, as investors appear to be panicked over the game’s business model and how it could ultimately struggle to make as much money. We will have to wait and see how it pans out, but it seems as if players shouldn’t get too excited, unless it’s a day one purchase.

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    Shroud Of The Avatar Details Release 48 Updates

    shroud of the avatar

    Shroud of the Avatar is one of the most ambitious games being made right now. For its trying to mix pure RPG style singleplayer gameplay with the idea and community of an MMO. It’s going to be very large scale, and thus the team are taking their time and working with the player community to ensure that it’s ready before it launches. In fact, the game has had 48 “releases”, with the latest one coming yesterday. The detailed the release in its entirety on Steam.

    As is their way, they used the release to help update many features of the game, as well as fix many other problems that the game was having. For example, certain Kobold/Satyr/NPC animations were on the fritz, specifically in spell animations, this has now been resolved.

    Another bug fix was with Julie and Lilly’s quest in Solace Bridge Outskirts. The quest used the wrong query before, it won’t now. You can also now use the mouse wheel in certain parts of the AI.

    Shroud of the Avatar

    There’s also been a fix to the “Splintering Strike” attack, which wouldn’t hit anything even after being successful, so you don’t have to worry about that doing that anymore. Same with the “Icy Thrust” attack.

    Even the environment and the terrain got some updates in the game. In the Elven Hill village, you’ll now be able to see the rain hit the characters. There were also some missing steps in Braemar, they’re where they belong now. The Blood River Outskirts has been optimized, it’s the teams hope that this will affect other maps as well.

    However, it’s not just bug fixes that were told on the Steam page, but also, the known issues for the game, and there are a lot of them. But, the Shroud of the Avatar team has always used this to focus on what’s to come, so take heart, things will continue to grow for the game.

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    What Other Classes Could Blizzard Add To Diablo III?

    Diablo III

    Diablo III hasn’t had the smoothest of lifetimes. It was revealed to great hype (as Diablo II was much beloved), but then, as players actually played the game, the flaws almost immediately began to show. To the extent that Blizzard basically had to streamline and reboot it with Reaper Of Souls. Then, when players complained about a lack of unique classes, like what they had in Diablo II, they made the Rise of the Necromancer expansion. But through that, a question is raised. Could more classes come?

    This comes from Redditor DarkDill, but he also takes it a step further. For they don’t just want a new class, they want a class that’ll fill up a “vacant” skill slot. In his mind, there needs to be a STR focused class, and a DEX focused class. To him, the Necromancer filled the INT slot. It’s an intriguing idea, and he goes further with what he’d like to see.

    Diablo III

    For the Dexterity class, they think it would be cool to bring in a pirate-like character, even giving the classic flintlock pistol as a weapon. As for the strength class, he honestly wasn’t sure what to put there, but there are likely options he’s not thinking of.

    A funny idea he had was bringing a Bard into the game, complete with harp! That would be a fun twist on the typical class.

    The rest of Reddit were happy to weigh in on this subject too, including giving an idea for the STR-focused class: A Dwarf, or a shapeshifter, some even thought of an Amazon-like character. They also recommended a Druid for DEX. So you see, there are possibilities out there.

    But, the foundation here is whether Blizzard will even consider putting new classes in the game. It took them a long time to put the Necromancer in, will they focus on putting yet another one in? It’s hard to say.

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    World Of Warcraft Game Director Talks Patches And Expansions In Q&A

    The Horde Battle For Azeroth World of Warcraft MMORPGs

    One of the most common things that video game players want to do is ask the developers certain things. They ask about what’s coming next, they ask about things happening in the game now, and of course, they ask about potential fixes and updates that’ll make the game better. Well, for World of Warcraft fans, there’s definitely a lot of questions going on. From the end of Legion, to the arrival of Battle For Azeroth, there’s a lot of questions. Fortunately, Blizzard sent someone to answer your questions, and then some.

    On Twitch, Game Director Ion Hazzikostas did a Q&A of fans questions, giving the best responses he could without going too deep into certain spoilers. Though he did make clear that he couldn’t talk about World of Warcraft Classic, because there wasn’t anything to say just yet.

    The next expansion is doing away with certain “classic” things, including certain sets of armor. But, Hazzikostas noted that a new system called Heart Of Azeroth will allow for much more customization than there was in the classic system.


    Fans also asked what’s coming up in Patch 3.7.5, and he was happy to answer: “Antorus Epilogue quest content, Ulduar Timewalking, preview of Silithus Battleground, scaling world content.” So it seems you’ll be busy for a while.

    A lot of questions were thrown at Hazzikostas, including ones about classes and requirements and such. One question though was about expansion size for Mythic Raiding, and whether players could do it in 10-person groups. Sadly, he said there’s no plans to change it as of now.

    Hazzikostas noted many other things in the Q&A, including little tidbits about what will and what won’t come in the upcoming Battle For Azeroth. So, if you want to get the lowdown, check out the full interview, or watch it on Twitch via the link above.

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    Are Destiny 2 Players Afraid of Balance Changes?

    Since its launch, Destiny 2 has pretty much been ripped apart by fans. There were complaints with the story (though not as many as the original game), the gameplay, the lootcrates, the endgame content, etc. Just about everything was touched in regards to how Bungie messed things up. However, one thing that wasn’t so much talked about (at least not by the majority) was balancing. Sure, there were issues with loot content being unbalanced at times, but the overall seemed good. And that’s what got players worried now.

    Redditor Tequilan517 definitely is afraid, for he learned the hard way that Bungie isn’t always the best when it comes to balance patches. In fact, they were one of the worst parts of the original Destiny in their eyes:

    “For every one positive weapon balance change, two things were broken (typically in PvE..) and if something was considered overpowered it was typically driven into the ground.”

    Destiny 2

    They even go so far as to say that by the time they reached the end of “year 03” in terms of content and patches, the original Destiny was barely recognizable, and the things that happened in it didn’t make sense at all. So, you can understand their fear as you know that Bungie is going to be doing something in regards to balance patches for Destiny 2, and likely starting it very soon.

    Now, the question is, what would they change? Well, all patches often look at what the players are using, and abusing, and then seeing how they can help “adjust” that. There are a lot of weapons in Destiny 2, so it’s natural to assume that many will get upgraded or downgraded, it just depends on what they see.

    Do you fear the balance changes that are coming? If so, why? Or, do you think these changes could help fix the game? Let us know in the comments below.

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    Sony Continues to Isolate Rocket League Players on PS4

    Rocket League

    Recently, on November 14th, we saw the release of Psyonix’s massively popular mash-up of cars and soccer Rocket League on Nintendo Switch. The launch seemed to go without a hitch, with everything working properly, and not to mention the fact that it is now very much a well-established game for fans to purchase.

    Perhaps one of the most attractive qualities that the Nintendo Switch version possesses is that it is entering into a community that is rife with many, many players. Not only will they be mixed in with fellow Switch players, but also those on PC and Xbox One platforms, courtesy of the game’s cross-platform capabilities. On the first night of release, the Switch version managed to attract 80,000 concurrent players, therefore boasting a pretty successful launch overall.

    However, what it does emphasize is the isolation of PS4 players, which is a hindering decision made by Sony. The great thing about the cross-play between PC and Xbox One was that it brought in a wealth of new talent and opportunities for players to go head-to-head with, as well as bringing players together regardless of what platform they had out of the two. The Switch has now joined this ecosystem, making it quite the head scratcher that Sony still don’t want to indulge in what is a massively growing playerbase between platforms.

    Not only that, but as Psyonix publishing VP Jeremy Dunham stated earlier this year, it would be such a simple process to bring cross-platform to PS4:

    “[Cross-platform play on the PS4 is] literally something we could do with a push of a button, metaphorically. In reality it’s a web page with a checkbox on it. All we have to do is check that box and it would be up and running in less than an hour all over the world. That’s all we need to do.”

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    Themida Causing Performance Issues in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

    Developer Bluehole has made it very clear that they will be cracking down on cheaters in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, but it seems that there has been a consequence for doing so. In what appears to be a troubling side effect, the implemented software security feature Themida is causing a number of performance issues for players.
    The latest version of PUBG is “packed” with Themida, according to certain fans. This would be an understandable move, given the developer’s stance on the amount of cheaters that are in the popular Early Access game. Granted, it does serve to protect PUBG from being tampered with, but at the cost of performance it seems.

    Reddit user bennyh6813 offered their opinion on the matter:

    I’m not really sure why they moved to this. Themida virtualizes code which results in around a 2.5-20% performance loss (leaning more towards 20% in this case).

    The user also offered the following image as proof:

    Credit: bennyh6813 – Reddit

    One of many users affected was Toritto, who replied:

    I’m experiencing much lower FPS, and it’s incredibly annoying. Tabbing when there are 2 or more player boxes within range is a nightmare. It completely freezes my game for 2 seconds and the looting is super ultra slow.

    Hopefully this is something that Bluehole will be able to fix at some point, perhaps finding a solution of keeping security priority, whilst not compromising the quality of the game itself.

    PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is now available in Early Access, and will release on PC in December, with the Xbox One version going into the Preview program the same month.

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    Former Star Wars The Old Republic Dev Offers Thoughts on Loot Boxes

    Star Wars

    Former Star Wars The Old Republic developer Damion Schubert has offered his opinion on one of the most heated and controversial entities in video gaming today: Loot Boxes.

    Courtesy of Reddit user hydrosphere13, who has put together a number of tweets from the ex-developer of the MMORPG, Schubert gives his opinion on Loot Boxes and how they should be utilized and implemented.

    Having worked with F2P games for four years, Schubert states that Loot Boxes are “crucial to that business model working.” And whilst they can be introduced in a manner that could benefit players, they are also a feature that can easily be done wrong.

    As for what the most common error is that developers make in free-to-play games when using Loot Boxes, Schubert stated:

    “The number one mistake that I’ve seen in F2P games is devs who don’t understand that NOT SPENDING IS NORMAL PLAY. Most of your customers will NEVER give you a dime.”
    Schubert also made reference to the Zynga Facebook page, and how the business model of F2P has since changed:

    “The Zynga Facebook games that used to spam your feed were a success if they had a conversion rate of 2%. That’s right – a successful business model if 98% of your population never drops a dime. Things have edged up since then, and ppl designing these have gotten more sophisticated, but we’re still in a world where the guys who plan microtransactions are DELIGHTED if 5% spend.”

    Also among the tweets, the former SWTOR dev points to Dungeon Boss as an example of how the view of the game and the model it runs on can kill it completely, stating that it was a game that players were made to feel like spending money was mandatory.

    For the full list of tweets, click here.

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    Overwatch Patch Brings Moira To Players On All Systems

    Overwatch had a big presence at BlizzCon 2017, with one of the biggest reveals being that the Talon geneticist Moira was going to be the next character in the game. Naturally, players wanted to know when they could get their hands on her, hoping it wouldn’t be too long a wait. Well, the wait is over, for a new patch has arrived for Overwatch, and with it comes Moira in all her glory for all systems. Believe it or not, though, that’s just the beginning of the patch.

    In regards to Moira, she’s a support character, but a rather unique one. For you see, her attacks have a “switch” to them as it were. She can heal and hurt all in one shot, it just depends on who’s near her attacks. For example, her Biotic Orb is a literal bouncy ball of energy, and if it hits an ally, it’ll heal them, but if it hits a foe, it’ll hurt them. Add that to some short-range teleportation and you’ve got some very interesting possibilities with this character.

    A quick note, you will have to wait a week to use Moira in Competitive Play.

    Other updates within this patch include an adjustment for Arcade Mode. Now, one of the slots is going to change daily. This will make it so modes like Limited Duel, Low Gravity, and Capture the Flag can be put on more frequently, as well as randomly.

    Furthermore, many of the PTR tested adjustments to heroes have now been officially entered into the game. This includes the power boost to Ana’s Biotic Rifle, and the adjustments to Mercy’s healing and Resurrect abilities. The hope is that this will get more players to play both instead of just Mercy, all the while making Mercy less OP as many think she is.

    There’s a lot more adjustments to be seen, including changes to the UI of the game. So check the full Patch Notes to see what all is waiting for you.

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    Dead By Daylight Sells 3 Million Copies

    It’s always a good thing when developers can show off milestones for their games. For it shows that they not only made a popular title, but that it continues to sell very well even after launch. Today, Starbreeze Studios revealed that their horror title Dead By Daylight has reached one such milestone, for it has been bought 3 million times. This comes soon after the reveal that the game has been released in Asia for digital download. Still though, quite a feat.

    For those who don’t know, Dead By Daylight is a 4v1 game, where four players take the role of prey, while the final person takes the role of a vicious killer, whose sole job is to kill all the other players. The other players have a simple goal as well. They have to try and escape the “Killing Grounds” without being caught. Cause if they do…well…you can guess.

    The key here is that every single character (prey and killer included) have their own special abilities that they can use. You must use them in order to stay alive, or get closer to your victory. The other thing that makes it unique is the dynamics. The 4 players can choose to work together in order to survive, or they can use the others as bait to lure the killer away from them, it’s their choice. There’s also a difference in perspective, where the prey see in 3rd person, the killer sees in 1st.

    The game has had a ton of interesting DLC, including bringing in classic horror movie villains like Leatherface, and recently Freddy Krueger to help shake things up.

    With these sales, you can bet that things will continue to grow even more scary.

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    Dark And Light – Flames of Bel’Xahl Update Arrives

    Dark And Light is a survival RPG that is currently on Steam. It puts you in the midst of a very dark world where magic and might are as much enemies as they are things keeping you alive. Today though, a major update was released for the game, Flames of Bel’Xahl.This update brings a lot of new things to the game, including, but not limited to, a brand new PVE dungeon, and with it, new enemies, items weapons, and more.

    First up, the PVE Dungeon, it’s called The Scalding Abyss, and it’s not an easy challenge. For under the volcano at World’s End…something woke up. Bel’Xahl, the Scorched, Lord of Elemental Fire is back, and he’s not happy. So much so that he’s trying to summon an army of Fire Elementals to take out all the world. So, you must go find him, and team up with others (if you want) to try and take him down before the entire realm is burnt extra crispy.

    This dungeon was built to be tough, and it’ll show not just in its boss, but the minions you have to fight, and the environment itself. There are a large number of new enemies waiting for you in The Scalding Abyss, so be prepared for a fight. Speaking of preparation, do think before entering the dungeon. The team notes that you will need clothes with high Heat Resistance to survive the depths of the dungeon. If you don’t have that, then bring cooling items like Water Bottles to keep your character safe. Oh, and keep an eye on Loot dropped from enemies in the dungeon, it might save your life.

    The team has also made adjustments to the environment at World’s End. Including adding a hot spring outside the entrance to The Scalding Abyss so players can heal.

    This Dark And Light update has a lot more to it though, check out the full update breakdown so you don’t miss a thing.

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    The Surge Getting Expansion Via A Walk In The Park

    The Surge is an action RPG that came out a little while back. It was a unique title in the sense that the game had your main character in an exosuit, and that you could fight robots and other mech suits, slice off their limbs, and then combine them with your exosuit and make it stronger. Add that to a compelling mystery about what was happening at your day job, and you’ve got a title that would keep most interested. But now, the game is about to get a whole lot bigger.

    For on Steam today, the team at Deck 13 revealed that the game was about to get a major content expansion. It’s called “A Walk In The Park”, and it features your character going to an amusement park owned by the company you work for. Welcome to Creo World, we hope you survive the experience you have.

    But, what exactly is Creo World? Well, it was originally constructed for the companies employees and their families. A place where they could relax after a long day or week at work. But, when the outbreak happened, the park was affected too. Now the place is crawling with not just humans who have lost their minds, but robots that are aiming to kill anyone they find.

    This park is massive, and to that end, has many avenues of which you can go down. Some of them might even let you find some secrets that the team hid there. Oh, and did we mention that the rides themselves are now deadly? And that there is a new boss waiting for you somewhere in the park? Yeah, it’s true.

    A Walk In the Park will be available for players on December 5th, if you haven’t gotten the original game, and want to get this DLC expansion too, you can get the The Surge Complete Edition for the game, which will also be available on the 5th.

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