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Rainbow Six Siege Update 4.1 Rebalancing Pulse and Semi-Auto Shotguns

If you’re a Rainbow Six Siege player, then you already know about the 4.1 update, but in case that you missed Ubisoft’s Blog about the upcoming changes, we will tell you all about it!


The update is coming on all platforms on August 25, and there are some big rebalancing tweaks based on feedback from both the community and the Pro League players, and of course, there are plenty of smaller fixes coming as well. This update will be targeting the character Pulse.


His heartbeat sensor will now have reduced range – down to nine meters from 13 – and he will no longer be able to quick-swap the sensor for his previously equipped weapon, which will create a slightly longer delay between you putting it away and being able to shoot.

Semi-auto shotguns are also getting some tweaks, so, this will directly affect the characters that use these firearms; Caveira, Valkyrie, Frost, Pulse, Thermite, and Castle. They are being rebalanced to make them less powerful at medium and long range, so their close- and medium-range damage will drop for about 25-30%, and their cones of dispersion are also getting wider by 1.5 degrees.



These charts show the precise changes for the weapons!

Many smaller tweaks and fixes are also coming, including a HUD update that will make dead Operator icons more visible. If you want to read the full patch notes, you can do that here!

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