Watch Dogs 2 multiplayer modes detailed

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In anticipation to its release later this year, Ubisoft has revealed some key features to the Watch Dogs sequel. Focusing on the online aspects of the game, a key component will be allowing players to interact with other online gamers in the open world. Pass others, join activities and invite fellow players to your game seamlessly and jump straight into online co-op.


For the more competitive gamer, Bounty mode will incorporate high speed car chases and shootouts as you either hunt down your enemy or try to escape. Expect stunts and explosions galore in this new multiplayer mode as two teams go head to head to either attack or protect those holding the bounty. As a reward, those victorious will be able to upgrade skills as well as be part of a leaderboard system which has unique rewards of its own. Online hacking invasions makes a return, this time in a more balanced fashion. Use tools such as drones found in the campaign to get one up on your opponent, which encourages you to unlock skills as you progress to get the upper hand as much as possible.

Coupling these two exciting game modes with a smooth co-op transition in place, things are looking good for Watch Dogs 2 so far. Given the negativity surrounding the original game, fans are sure to be sceptical at this point. Which is perfectly normal given the criticisms and controversy following the release of Watch Dogs, which the lack of particular mechanics and poor frame rate highlighted by a number of reviewers gave it somewhat of a negative response.

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