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Revelation Online – Housing System Revealed has recently revealed exciting details about the upcoming housing system in Revelation Online. If you’ve paid close attention to the trailers for Revelation Online, you might have noticed a humongous turtle with a structure on its back. That building is an inn in which players may purchase their own private apartment room.

Revelation Online - Giant Turtle

The entire inn is instanced, except for the base floor which serves as a lounge area for property owners.

Players must reach at least level 40 to acquire an apartment. The cost to purchase a room has not been revealed yet. Rooms will come in two distinctively different styles, but the styles themselves also hasn’t been disclosed.

Over 160 furniture types will be obtainable on release of the housing update. Many of the furniture can be crafted using profession skills, but some are rewarded for completing quests. Players are given complete freedom when it comes to arranging their furniture. Some furniture types can be interacted with, such as sitting on a chair or taking a bath.

Revelation Online - Lotus Bath

Apartment owners can give away keys to a maximum of five friends to grant them access to their room. Players given keys will also unlock the ability to directly teleport to the apartment from anywhere on Nuanor. Guests only have limited interactions with the furniture, but the owner’s spouse has full privileges.

As Revelation Online continues to develop, more content will be added to the housing system, including, but not limited to, a garden, pets, and even staff to hire! Players can expect the housing update to be released soon after Open Beta begins. The official news post by describing the forthcoming housing update can be found here.

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