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Overcooked Officially Released

Prepare your kitchen utensils and clean your chef whites because Overcooked is going to take you on a culinary adventure. Developed by indie studio Ghost Town Games Ltd. and published by Team17 Digital Ltd., Overcooked is a frantic cooking game for up to four players.

Overcooked - Logo

Overcooked features 1 introductory level, 28 standard campaign levels, and 1 final boss level. Each level is uniquely designed to maximize chaos and present bizarre challenges to overcome. For example, one level will have players running back and forth between moving trucks. One misstep and more than your career will be at risk!

Local co-op for up to four players is supported. Any of the campaign levels may be played in co-op mode. Success (and failure) is entirely dependent on how well players can communicate and cooperate with each other. In addition to local co-op is the local versus mode for either two or four players. As the name suggests, players must compete to create the ordered dishes promptly while avoiding disasters. Specific to versus mode are nine levels not included in the campaign. Each level will still feature the chaotic environments that Overcooked is known for.

Watch the official announcement trailer for Overcooked below to witness its charming art-style and some of the playable levels:

If Overcooked is a game that interests you, consider purchasing it at a discounted price of $12.99 on Green Man Gaming. DISCLAIMER – A Steam account is required to redeem the game. Have fun cooking (or burning) your dishes today!

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