Final Fantasy 7 is a classic game beloved by most JRPG fans, and over the past years iOS users have had the pleasure of playing this game on their mobile devices. However the game has been longed for by android users and at long last, it’s finally available to them, or so they thought.

Sadly a game breaking bug has been discovered in the Android version of the game involving the vehicles. If the player happens to get too close to certain terrain the vehicle can glitch up and end up getting locked. Rending the player unable to move and the vehicle useless. This is game breaking because you need the vehicles to progress, and of course, this has come as a huge disappointment to Android users. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been reported that Square Enix has done anything about this but they have recommended saving multiple times to avoid this issue.

Nonetheless, the game seems to run seamlessly aside from this and has even been noted to have received a visual upgrade to please and pull in more gamers. This makes sense because it would be in Square’s best interest to keep the original game fresh in gamer’s minds so that they’ll be more likely to pay attention to the upcoming remake of Final Fantasy 7.


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