Life is Feudal Beta MMO Servers are Up!

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Bitbox Ltd. has begun to open the rusty gates for some MMO savagery in the medieval sandbox game, Life is Feudal. Players will be able to raid opposing towns and slaughter unwary cattle to their heart’s content- all in good fun, of course.



The game is a complete sandbox with terraforming and player building, which is the perfect foundation for a multiplayer game. Players can build and destroy cities with their friends and generally have a well-balanced and healthy virtual social life in the bloody medieval times.


The Beta for MMO servers will come in 3 waves before release: Wave #0, Wave #1 and Wave #2. Each wave will accommodate certain eligible players, with each group having their own schedule and duration for playing.

*For those who will be playing through the beta, please remember that at the end of each wave there will be a wipe, except for the final release.


In the spirit of player creativity, the official Life is Feudal: Your Own server is out of the game, giving the players that approving nod to go forth and do their own thing. Of course, GMs and support will still be around to give assistance to irritable warlords and confused hermits in any advertised taverns near you.

Read more about the upcoming MMO servers at their official forum here.

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