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5 Craziest Custom Xbox One Designs

When we are treated to a big release on Xbox One (or any console for that matter) we often see them accompanied by a special console bundle related to the game. Sometimes we even see avid gamers going that extra mile and coming up with custom designs of their own. With that in mind, here are five of the craziest Xbox One designs we’ve come across so far.

Custom Xbox One Console – ChrisHDGaming

The first in our list comes from a design we found on Youtube, created by ChrisHDGaming. Sporting a gold aluminium skin wrap all round, a window cut out of the face plate and some eye-catching blue lights, this was definitely a custom design that will catch a few eyes. For a more in-depth look at how the designer came up with the idea, check out the video above. Keep watching until the end for the epic light show!

Custom Audi R8 – Forza Horizon 3

Xbox One

Seriously, how cool is this? Found on the Xbox Germany Facebook Page for a competition back near the launch of Forza Horizon 3, one dedicated creator came up with a console to help promote the massively popular racing game. The customized controller even has a large Start/Stop button where the guide button would usually be.

Golden Sand Ingot

This Golden Sand Ingot console demonstrates just how creative human beings can really be. Concocted by Song-Kuan Wang from Taiwan, the design on the surface uses real sand to create a more traditional design and authentic feel. The writing around the sides apparently reads ‘good fortune’, according to onmsft. I’d be living in fear of it collapsing when putting a new disc in, but would make a fantastic piece of art to gaze upon regardless.

Good Fortune Monkeys

Sticking with Taiwanese designers and the subject of good fortune, the creative minds of Tzu-Yu Chao and Chang-Yi Ho came up with the “Good Fortune Monkeys” model using building blocks. This was a shoe-in for the list, with the high level of attention to detail with the pears, buildings and fireworks going on in the background. Besides, monkeys are awesome!

Rise of the Tomb Raider Custom Console


There’s a plethora of custom consoles based on certain games out there. Some for Fallout 4 in particular are aesthetically wonderful to look at. But one in particular that stands out was the console Square Enix released as part of a competition for the release of the critically acclaimed Rise of the Tomb Raider. Offering a unique, rustic look to suit the game itself, this would be a treasure for any fan of the Lara Croft franchise.

Which custom Xbox One designs have caught your attention? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Ham

Ham is a video games journalist, musician and a rookie Twitch streamer. Playing everything from 2D platformers to MMORPGs, Ham enjoys bringing news from all forms of games to the masses. Favourite game series’ include Dark Souls, Diablo, Grand Theft Auto and Borderlands.

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