Revelation Is The Name Of ArcheAge’s Biggest Expansion!

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After Ascension, Trion Worlds’ high fantasy sandbox MMORPG, ArcheAge, is getting its biggest expansion yet called ArcheAge 3.0: Revelation!


You can expect the expansion on December 10, which is coming soon enough. This expansion will also be free, and it expands ArcheAge’s world of Erenor even more, adding two new races, new environments, fresh servers and a new Abyssal Skill system. The Dwarves of the Nuian faction and Warborn from the Haranya faction are the two new races who are bringing new exciting stories and quests, and also a new combat mechanic where they transform into their empowered form that gives them special abilities.



Airain Rock, the Dwarven capital which includes the legendary city of Andelph, Aubre Cradle, Sunbite Wilds, Rokhala Mountains and Ahnimar, which is the heritage homeland of the Daru race, are all new interesting zones for players to discover and explore!


Now, when your character’s skill trees hit the max level of 55, you’ll get the ability to unlock Abyssal Skills, which are the most powerful abilities that you can obtain in the game, by completing a series of quests. An improved family system was also added, and it allows groups of friends that know each other well to create these “mini-guilds” that will give them bonuses and activities. New locales have also been added, with open-world housing and regional trade goods available, so claim them as soon as you can!


Of course, expect new items, gear, mounts, combats pet and more to be added, so you have a lot of things to look forward to in the Revelation expansion!

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