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Warface’s Next Special Operation Is Called “Black Shark”

Shooter fans, have you ever played Warface? It’s a team-based shooter full with loads of varied game modes and an even larger number of guns. Warface is also getting a new Special Operation called Black Shark in which you get to sneak into a humongous skyscraper, which may or may not contain cyber zombies.

Now you may be wondering, what exactly are you doing at this building. Well, the skyscraper that you will be invading is being constructed by a military organization called Blackwood, that’s an arm of a cabal of supernational corporations. We don’t exactly know why the players have to take them on, but it’s your assignment, so prepare to accomplish it! You will be a part of an elite squad sent by Warface, specifically designed to confront Blackwood.


Don’t think it will be easy, as you’re going up against the most skilled troops that Blackwood has, and also expect to run into some automatic turrets and a horde of “cyborg warriors” that actually look like zombies but that’s just me. As you keep advancing you’re going to have to use different tactics to survive, so make sure you come prepared.

New achievements and weapons are coming with the update as well!


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