Rocket League Is Getting A Free New Underwater-Themed Arena Called AquaDome

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Psyonix, the awesome developer behind Rocket League, announced that the game is getting a free new underwater-themed arena called the AquaDome!


We all know the game known as Rocket League, that game that we’ve seen played by countless streamers and YouTubers for fun, and then everyone started playing it, well, because it really is super fun! It’s a game that takes soccer and combines it with vehicular chaos, and the result is a really enjoyable and competitive experience. The game features some fairly easy-to-understand controls which you will get the hang of quite quickly and fluid physics that will make you calculate your every move to hit the ball in mid-air and score!


The game blew up fairly quickly, with thousands of players coming from their favorite Youtube channel or streamer, watching them play the game and having an amazing time, and deciding that they want in on the fun. Now you will get to have fun in a new arena called the AquaDome, which is, as you can guess, water themed. Two new premium DLC vehicles are also coming, called Proteus and Triton, both priced at $1.99 USD per car. Just watch the trailer for the new arena as that will show you everything that you need to see!

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