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10 Ways Pokémon Go Could be Way Better

Pokémon Go was a worldwide craze when it first came out, and while it has since become much tamer, plenty of people still play the pocket-monster catching mobile game. It isn’t without its faults, though, as even the most recent announcement from the developers has proven. It was confirmed Mewtwo will be coming to the game, but only through an “exclusive” raid battle in which you had to have “recently” defeated a raid boss at the gym in which the exclusive raid is going on. That’s a problem all on its own, but what are some other ways that Pokémon Go could be vastly improved?


1. Bring Back the Raid Eggs

It wasn’t until pretty recently that Pokémon Go decided to get rid of the eggs that appear over a gym, warning trainers that a raid was going to start. There were pros and cons to this feature, as the egg could tell players what level of difficulty the raid boss would be and how long it would take before the raid would become available. However, it arguably gave players too much time to prepare. The egg would appear 2 hours before a raid which is admittedly a bit much. Nobody wanted to sit around for 2 hours waiting for an egg to hatch. Maybe bring back the eggs, but give us a 30-minute warning instead of a 2 hour one.

2. Add a Raid Check-In Feature

Imagine being able to see how many people were around to participate in a raid just by clicking on a gym from any distance. If players could “check-in” to a raid without having to spend a raid pass, it would communicate to others that there are people around to help defeat a boss. As someone who participates in a lot of raids, I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to walk or drive to a particularly far-away gym only to find that there is no one else there to help defeat the boss. Many players have found a way around this problem by forming Facebook or Discord groups with people in their area and communicating that way, but we shouldn’t have to go outside the game for something like this.


3. Let Us Scroll Through Nearby and Raid Menus

This is a such an easy fix that it’s simply unbelievable that it isn’t in the game. If you’re in an area with a large number of Pokémon nearby or a lot of raids currently ongoing, let us scroll through the menus. Currently, if there are more than 9 Pokémon or raids nearby, you can’t see them as they don’t fit on the little menu screen. Just let us scroll through them, please!

4. Get Rid of a “Nearby” Raid After We’ve Beaten it

Currently, once beaten, a raid remains on the player’s Raid menu. There’s no need for this and it is often quite confusing. Simply getting rid of the raid after it was beaten would fix this problem.

5. “Are You Sure?” Pop-Up When Purchasing Items

I ran into an issue not too long ago where I miss-clicked an item in the cosmetic shop and I was suddenly down 100 Pokécoins and up one useless belt. Thankfully, I contacted Niantic and as a “one-time courtesy” I was refunded my coins, but the issue could have been avoided if there was an “Are You Sure?” pop-up before purchasing items.


5. Comprehensive Stat Overview

When Pokémon Go was first popular, a number of apps and websites popped up that allowed players to see things the game didn’t really want you to see. One of these apps allows players to see just how powerful their Pokémon is. With the rise in popularity of raids, there is no reason not to include a comprehensive stat overview within the game. Currently, the “Appraisal” functionality doesn’t give us enough information and it could be vastly improved by telling players the exact percentage of each stat and how good their moves are.

6. Friend Battles

This is something that has been teased since the game’s initial announcement back in 2015, yet we still don’t have it. Being able to battle your friends for experience, stardust, or just plain fun is something people have been asking for since Pokémon Go launched.

7. Trading

Yet another promised feature we have yet to see, trading Pokémon is an important part of other Pokémon games and should certainly be in Pokémon Go. There would have to be certain limitations, like not being able to trade legendaries, but there’s no real reason to not have basic trading.

Pokemon Go Trading

8. Selling Evolutionary Items for Stardust

Stardust, used to power up Pokémon, can be a pretty rare commodity if you aren’t consciously trying to hoard it. Evolutionary items are currently pretty useless after you’ve used them once and thus they just take up room in your bag. If players were able to sell evolutionary items for stardust, it would make the items useful again.

10. Safari Weekend

Do you remember going into the Safari Zone in the main Pokémon games and finding Pokémon you wouldn’t otherwise be able to catch? It was always one of my favourite parts of the games. In Pokémon Go, there are certain Pokémon that are locked to specific areas of the world which means if you don’t travel a lot, you may never have a complete Pokédex. The completionist in me just can’t accept that and so I extend to you the idea of a Safari weekend, where Pokémon from other places start appearing all over the world. Having the chance to catch a Mr. Mime or a Kangaskhan would definitely keep me playing over a weekend.

There’s plenty of other things Pokémon Go could do in order to improve player retention and the overall enjoyment of the game but those are at least 10 ideas. What do you think of this list? Did we leave anything out? Let us know!

Written by Ashley Kemp

Ashley was introduced to the world of video games by her Nerd-Family. A lover of all things RPG and MMO, she’s a self-proclaimed alt-oholic and is constantly dreaming up new characters and the background stories for them. She’s obsessed with the High Fantasy genre and thus plays a lot of the Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age, and Witcher series.

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