• Overwatch
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    Overwatch Players Compile List Of Desires For Blizzard

    Overwatch is a game that is under constant construction. By that, we mean that things are often getting adjusted, worked on, fixed, balanced, etc. That’s what happens when you make a game with 27 individual characters that need to be both powerful yet not overpowerful. Not to mention the regular things games go through like […] More

  • Monster Hunter: World
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    New Monster Hunter: World Footage

    Monster Hunter is a very interesting gaming franchise. On one hand, it’s uber-popular in Japan, which isn’t surprising per se because the game was made by Capcom. But there’s just something about it that makes the franchise special there, it sells millions of copies every time it releases. But in the West, and other parts of […] More

  • Marvel Heroes Omega
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    Marvel Heroes Shutting Down Tomorrow

    Sometimes, there’s just no good news for some people. And sometimes, when it rains, it truly pours. Such is the case for Gazillion Entertainment, who were the team behind the popular Marvel Heroes game. Marvel Heroes was an MMORPG that was free-to-play, and recently came to consoles via a version of the game called Omega. […] More

  • Alienware
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    Alienware Running Black Friday Deals

    Alienware Arena is running a series of deals for a number of games, which will last from today through until Monday. Kicking things off with World of Tanks, players will get the chance to rain down destruction on their enemies thanks to the World of Tanks Bonus Code package. This contains a day of Premium […] More

  • Overwatch
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    Overwatch – Doomfist Riddled With Several Bugs

    You have to hand it to Overwatch fans at times. Certain ones out there are so eagle-eyed, that they manage to collect data together to spot bugs that will ultimately help improve the game when shared on the relevant platform. Reddit user iSinner has managed to collect a number of bugs for Overwatch hero Doomfist, […] More

  • Forza

    Forza Horizon Developers Working on New RPG IP

    Playground Games announced earlier this year that they plan to branch out of the Forza Horizon series into new projects, one of which has now been announced as an RPG. In February, the devs announced that they would be opening a second studio to lead development on a new IP that wouldn’t be based on […] More

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    Worlds Adrift Devs Address Status Of Update 0.1.5

    Anyone who says that making video games is easy clearly hasn’t made a video game. The process is deep, and layered, and isn’t to be taken lightly. Even in the simplest of video games there are problems that need to be solved, from the simple, to the gamebreaking. Now, move onto more complex games, and […] More

  • Warspear Online
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    Warspear Online Released On Steam

    It’s always interesting to see video games start on one platform, and then grow to another, and another. Such is the case with Warspear Online, a 2D MMORPG that was created back in 2008 for mobile platforms. Then, it made a transition to PC and Mac. And now, it has officially made its way to Steam. […] More

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    Elder Scrolls Online Celebrates “Black Fredas”

    The holidays have begun, and with them, comes the chance for many games to celebrate, have fun, add new content, and the arguably best part, offer deals to its players. Well, for Elder Scrolls Online, the MMORPG wants to show this in grand fashion. So, they’ve already begun their sales season via the return of Black […] More

  • Battlerite
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    Battlerite Patch Introduces New Champion

    Battlerite has released a brand new patch, which aims to bring a number of improvements, particularly to both performance and UI. There is also a new Champion being introduced, known as Destiny, the Sky Ranger. This patch was introduced today, and revealed the following description for the new character: An elite sky ranger from the […] More

  • Black Desert Online
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    Connection Issues Resolved in Black Desert Online

    Over the past fortnight or so, there has been a number of connectivity issues for the MMORPG Black Desert Online, particularly in the North American territory. The team behind the game have been working hard to fix this, in what has been an extremely frustrating period for certain fans. It has been confirmed on the […] More

  • Destiny 2
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    Is There Enough Incentive to Keep Playing Destiny 2?

    Once the hype train pulled out of the station post-launch, Destiny 2 was met with plentiful complaints from a large segment of its playebase. One key issue that stands in comparison to the previous game is the amount of content, specifically the lack of it and the lesser incentive to keep playing at this current […] More

  • Overwatch
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    Blizzard Respond to Moira Nerf in Overwatch

    On the current public test realm for Overwatch, a number of players have spotted an issue with Moira’s RMB. The new hero, who was introduced to fans at Blizzcon recently, has been what appears to be on the surface a nerf. This has seen her weapon requiring pin-point accuracy in order to impose any damage […] More

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