Chuck Carter, artist on the popular point and click title Myst has started work with his staff at Eagre Games on their new title Zed. This game is inspired by the mixture of world creation and the concept of dreaming, and thus takes a very surreal approach to realistic art.


This puzzle adventure encourages exploration as a dreamer tries to build a lasting legacy to leave behind for his granddaughter during his final days. With Chuck Carter’s artistic history, be it developing visuals for NASA to his work on games such as Myst or Command and Conquer: Red Alert or even environment art in the critically acclaimed Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2, odds are players will be familiar with his work.


With numerous tiers to the Kickstarter backer options, backers of Zed could receive prizes anywhere spanning from their name in the credits, to designing a puzzle for the game. Options are endless, and any amount of support is welcome.

With adventure, puzzles, and clearly very stunning visuals, and a diverse staff varying from Chuck Carter, from Myst, to Brad Burke of the SwankyBox YouTube channel, to James Cowin, a talented university-level artist and contributing art intern, Zed is a game that players will want on the market.

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