It’s time to build Skells! That’s right, no more waiting for us. We’re already knee deep in quests, arms dealers, and party members, and now it’s time to equip them properly. If you’re smarter than me, you haven’t been using your reward tickets from online to fund ridiculous side quests.

Xenoblade Chronicles XIf the fetch quest nature of these quests has gotten to you (don’t blame me either, I completed all 500 quests in the first game) has gotten to you, you’re not completely lost in the world. Every material you could buy with reward tickets can be dropped from enemies.

Unfortunately, a lot of these items come from Xe-doms, which I find to be a very brutal enemy. For reference, they’re only found in Sylvalum and Cauldros, which is where the toughest enemies live.

That being said, if your party isn’t capable of taking down Xe-doms yet, I see nothing wrong with recruiting an awesome scout to help you with that. The scout recruiting terminal is found in the Administrative District of NLA and is a dream for players who need a little extra help. What’s the point in all this multiplayer stuff if we can’t help each other?

That being said, if you come across a Full Metal Jaguar named Mustapha in the terminal, recruit me! I’d love to help you out myself. I have the Shulk voice too.

As for which Skells to craft, the ultimate goal for everyone is the Ares 90. I say the easiest Skell to build that also works super well with my style of play is the Amudusias Hades. It’s a heavy weight level 60 Skell with a real power-house set. If you’re interested in going light weight in my opinion you may as well just roll with a Skell from Sakuraba’s place.

On the next post I will for sure go over some of the better tyrants to hunt, and some great spots for grinding levels too!

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