First and foremost, if you’ve completed the main story of Xenoblade Chronicles X I congratulate you. It wasn’t an easy journey but you made it. Even still you’ve just barely tapped into the large well of content that this game has to offer.

Xenoblade Chronicles XThere are probably hundreds of side quests you just haven’t done yet. Vicious tyrants still roam the planet Mira. You haven’t tried every combat class, every Skell is not at your disposal. The opportunities are simply endless. So this guide will show you the right steps to take to ensure that your post-game experience is still the best it can be.

Xenoblade Chronicles X can be a little bit overwhelming, but if you’ve been managing your FrontierNav properly up to this point, things are going to be a lot easier on you. Having a constant flow of Miranium going to your Arms Manufacturers is key to upgrading Skells. The level 50 Skells can only be obtained by maxing out Sakuraba Industries.

These Skells are key to completing some of the more brutal side quests. Completing these quests is key to leveling up, and that’s in turn crucial to building better stronger Skells. The overall goal of this guide is going to be to help prepare you for your ultimate showdown. In the skies of Noctilum there is a beast that goes by “Telethia, Endbringer.” In this week long series of most important things for you to do in the Xenoblade X post-game, I’m going to prepare you for your battle with this beast. From finding out more of Mira’s truths to battling the Definian menace, you’re going to become a true champion Mimeosome.

In the mean time, start by gathering storage probes so your Miranium storage can become higher. This will be crucial for the next several steps.

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